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Monday, May 08, 2006

What I've learned about the Peace Corps....Thus far.

I've only been in Morocco 2 month's and during this time period, I've learned a vast amount of things about the Peace Corps and Morocco. I've learned to never except anything because the Peace Corps is only a series of surprises. I've learned that while in Morocco you can be in one region where it is snowing and travel 6 hours and be in the desert. I've learned to never except your travel plans to work out or be extremely comfortable/safe. This is because you normally have to wait on a grand taxi until you have 6 people to fill up the taxi or you take a bus around the mountains and you feel as if the brakes will fail at any moment. I've learned that you will re-evaluate your definition of beauty over and over again, because you see all the layers of beauty in another country. You will never be clean or look put together in the "bled," but you realize that you don't care because you haven't seen a mirror in a month. You learn that donkeys can be an amazing form of transportation if you live in a small down. You realize that the landscape can be anything from extremely beautiful to extremely barren.
I've learned to eat solely with my hands, I've learned how to not overeat couscous, I've learned to drink 17 glasses of tea a day, and yes I've learned to cook bread. I've learned that for some reason everyone at my site thinks that the best well water has fish in it..? I've learned that no matter how well I did at language in comparison to others in my group, that some woman in the bled will always tell me I know nothing. Therefore I've learned how confident I really am and how your confidence plays a major role in your success as a volunteer. I've learned that it is possible to find an amazing friend in a language you don't even speak, because I have many Moroccan friends and my language is only now developing. I've learned the power of women in this society and the power of the woman in the household. I've learned that, like any country, there are going to be a variety of cultures, beliefs, personalities, and practices. There are people who are incredibly welcoming and those who are not, just as in America. I've learned how to properly make a well and how to find water sources in remote areas of Morocco. I've learned that I actually don't value electricity and I'm actually disappointed I have it in my site. A final note~ Congratulations to all of my friends that graduated this weekend and good luck.


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